christian marriage and salvation

One stage in life that a young christian looks up to performing is the one of walking to the altar with the bride/groom. The beaming faces, the look of approval, the joy of those present and most of all, being in centre stage with his/her beloved one and seeing the support and joy in all those present remain etched in their memory.

The father of the bride looks forward to performing their roles; walking down the aisle with their arm extended for their daughters to hold on to for the last time. The christian marriage is a mixed grill of some sort. Many have good stories to tell, testimonies to give and advice to offer after being in this marital union for years. Then others have different experiences, those who have become a mere shadow of their former self after a few years of a marital unification. And there are those who are either too ashamed to talk about the hell they are experiencing so that others who see their marital home from a distance as perfect, will not laugh at them, or would rather, avoid the stigma as a christian that when you are divorced or going through difficulties in your marital life, then you are not a true christian. They say as Christians, your marriage is heaven on earth, filled with all manners of blessings, too many, to name. Yet, when you ask any of them to raise up their hands if their marriage is like heaven on earth, no one would, yet, these are the proponent who push the idea as Christians your marriage ought o be perfect and your children flawless. Ask them why they are not the perfect examples of what they advocate? They point out that their partner is just the wrong one. Many endure unnecessary hardship, and many died in their bid to keep their secret. They flaunt before you that what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. And because the pastor, despite the ugly signs before him, the danger ahead is there to remind them of this verse each time they want to tell him some ranging issues. I have heard a pastor who ordered his wife to go to the backseat because his bible is on the front seat. That is not expected from a pastor, no matter the raging issue or misunderstanding at that point. She is still your wife. I have seen a pastor’s wife who refused to go to church because she has an issue with her husband. Let him face the ordeal of answering his members, who will want to know why the first lady is not around today. Marriage is supposed to bring out the best in the other person, but many do not experience that luxury at all. They have become shadows of their former self and others have become forlorn and sad looking, while others put on a smile yet, inside they feel disappointed and felt trapped in a sordid union with no room for escape, for the rest of their lives for divorce, is not an option otherwise,you are judged! many have taken advantage of this, no divorce for the chrisitan and therefore, can do whatever they like. if the other partner wants a divorce not only would the church see her as an unbeleiver she will be ask to give up whatever position she occuypies in the church. others knowing that he or she stand to gain more financially in terms of divorce, will have the other partner be at his or her mercy; controling, complaing, fretting and bemoaning the woes of this relationship . He will deliberately make the home a hell on earth for the other. if she is not able to carry on let him diovorce if she dare! yet, a little reading of the scripture with understanding will show that Jesus never said you are headng straight to hell if you are a divorcee. What Jesus did was apporves of marrige and highlighted this original plan of God and how men have twisted it to suit thier own selfishness. Why the failure in most union? the answer is found in John10:10

To be continued


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